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13 Tips för Among Us Imposter

Shhhh, you are the imposter! Stay calm and start utilizing these tips to win.

There's no shortage of Among Us videos on YouTube, so watch plenty of imposter games and get a feel for the tricks and mechanics they use.

But you'll also need to hop into real games and practice for yourself:

Tip #1: Utilize the darkness

Sabotage to kill the lights for crewmates, and take advantage of the darkness to kill. Just remember that you have full vision while everyone else can't see, so be careful to get your fake story straight when it comes to what you saw!

Tip #2: Stack kill

If everyone is stacked up fixing lights or on cameras, you can somewhat safety perform a kill. This does put you in the pool of suspects, so stack kill carefully, and be mindful that anyone not involved in the stack will be free of suspicion.

Tip #3: Fake tasks believably

This is key to being a great imposter. Stand and fake complete a task while someone is watching you, and then run away a second after you see the ship's task bar progress. For anyone watching you, this will look like you correctly finished your task.

If the task bar is not progressing and you're at risk of being caught faking, cause a distraction with a sabotage, or just kill the player watching you.

Important note: If task animations are turned on, avoid doing any tasks with animations, since you can easily be spotted as faking. On the Skeld map, this includes emptying trash in storage, shooting asteroids in weapons, and getting scanned in the med bay.

Tip #4: Get an alibi (or two)

If you're feeling confident about your ability to fake tasks, make sure that a crewmate sees you, so you develop a sense of trust with them. They'll be sure you're innocent, and be able to vouch for you.

Tip #5: Vouch for others

Play the part of a good ally and detective. Watch someone do trash, and vouch for them accordingly. Don't vouch too strongly for any other imposters though, as this will only draw suspicion towards you if they are discovered. If the other imposter is caught, vote them off just like an innocent crewmate would.

Tip #6: Double kill

When there are 2 imposters, especially when you're in the same area as 2 crewmates, if you both perform a kill, there will be no witnesses. As with all kills, do this extremely carefully.

Tip #7: Create chaos that has nothing to do with you

Lock doors of rooms that you're not in to make players suspicious and draw attention away from yourself. Make sure you sabotage in a sneaky way while you're moving, dancing, or faking a task.

Tip #8: Act suprised

Express fear ("oh no...") when something bad happens to the crewmates. Even small remarks and clues can sway the crew's perception of your innocence. If you do get voted out (if confirmations are turned off), you can still maintain the illusion that you were innocent with your last words to help the other imposter win.

Tip #9: Stay consistent

Don't act any differently than you act when you're a crewmate. The goal is to blend in and play exactly the same as you would as an innocent. Go your same routes, use the same logic, etc. You can even accuse and vote for the other imposter if confirmations are turned on.

Know how you act in a game when you're innocent, and do your best to recreate that when you're the imposter. Acting differently than usual, whether extra quiet or aggressive will only make you seem suspicious. Even be aware of how you act when being unfairly accused, and do the same when you're being correctly accused.

Tip #10: Know the map mechanics inside and out

On Skeld for example, players using map in admin room can see an imposter venting from room to room, which gives them a ton of clues. On Mira, imposters can vent long distances. Knowing the intricacies of each map will help you be a better imposter (and crewmate).

Tip #11: Time your accusation

You only want to kill a crewmate in front of another crewmate and them blame for it towards the end of the game, when you can ensure that the imposters can win, like when there are only a few players remaining.

Tip #12: Draw attention away from your kill

Call in a reactor emergency right after you make a kill in navigation, so it will be a long time before the body is found. It also helps to kill in locations that are less discoverable and easily missed, like tucked away in a far corner that crewmates might not walk through.

Tip #13: Know when to strike

Know when and where to kill based on how many crewmates are left, what the other imposter is doing. A lot of calculations should factor into your murder spree. Play smart, use mind games, and know when to utilize a lategame kill to end the game.

I hope these tips help you to start honing your deception skills in Among Us. Good luck out there, imposter 🔪

Check out our staff game of Among Us on Twitch, and find folks to play Among Us with in the SteelSeries Discord server!

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