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Hur man överlever och vinner i Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the zaniest, most colorful party game you've seen yet, and it's poised to be the next big thing for multiplayer gaming.

Mediatonic's non-violent battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings to mind the hilarity of game shows like Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle, and it's an absolute blast. Customize your own jelly bean contestant and jump into a series of round-based battle royale chaos, all while competing with gobs of other players.

Each stage finds more and more players ejected from the game as the stakes get higher and there are fewer slots for players too qualify. All you've got are your wits, ability to grab and fall, and colorful costume to stake your claim as victor.

But don't take Fall Guys to be a pushover just because it's wild and weird. It's one of the most challenging games you'll play this year. We've got some helpful tips to keep you in the running so maybe you can crush the competition on your first run.

Be mindful of game physics

Competitors in dinosaur outfits charge toward a series of doors.Source: Steam

Fall Guys may seem like it plays closer to a platforming game than a battle royale, but don't let its looks fool you. Your jelly bean person is a bouncy, rotund ball of dough, so to speak. As such, they run slowly and jump even slower. Speed is not on your side. Even the smallest bump into a part of the map or another player will send you falling to your knees or bouncing in another direction.

This can be the most frustrating part of the game, but spend some time getting used to the way your character moves and you'll be surprised how you start to compensate for it when you make more progress. This is the biggest hurdle for new players. Just realize you probably aren't going to move the way you're expecting to and you'll learn quickly.

Don't worry about other players' progress

A group of players work to smash through a wall.Source: Steam

The worst thing you can do in Fall Guys is focus on how well other players are performing. Getting caught up in this mentality won't help you focus on what you're doing at all. Your jelly bean person's malleability is a major hurdle, especially in rounds such as Door Dash or Jinx, where there are massive jumps that you must cross with a well-timed dash.

If you're focused on watching others get past you and wondering why you're all the way behind, you aren't using your skill to propel you ahead and you're more likely to miss a jump or fall off an edge. Stay calm and focus on you. You're the only part of the game you can control, for the most part, so do the best you can.

Use grabbing only as a last-ditch effort

The colorful jelly bean competitors continue to dash to the finish line. Source: Steam

It can be tempting to use your grabbing mechanic to be a bully, like many players who camp at finish lines have been doing. But try to grab only if there's no other way to progress. In some rounds, players end up bottle necked into a certain passageway and try to get through by squeezing through one narrow area.

This could be an appropriate place to grab a player to make a mad dash to the finish. There's no reason to reach out beside you and grab a player when you're all in an open area, however. Not only will it frustrate the other players because it seems like poor sportsmanship, but you'll be slowing yourself down as well.

Don't forget to dive

The competitors dive off of an edge in a round.Source: Steam

There are several long distances that you'll have to clear if you want to make it to the end of a stage. Don't expect that a simple jump will get you to where you need to go. Time your jump to include a dive so you'll clear a longer area between ledges. If not, you'll find that you've fallen off and you'll be restarting from a point earlier in the course.

It can be tough to judge just how long a jump is going to be. To be safe, assume each jump is a possible hazard and dive over each one. It won't cost you any additional time and you'll get to the next part of the course, which could save you valuable time. Since there are limited slots, you could secure the very last one thanks to doing your due diligence.

When the ground falls out, stay in one place

Competitors are trying to stay cool on top of a tile floor that continues to fall apart.Source: Steam

Some rounds will feature floors that fall out or continue to rotate in a bid to get you to fall. You don't have to continually move if you watch the floor. Keep an eye out for tiles that are about to move and slide away swiftly. This will keep you from bouncing off of other players on accident because you're moving too quickly. If the floor is rotating, move only enough in your own personal bubble to stay afloat.

Remaining stationary makes you something of an obstacle to other players, who will be running around and bouncing off of you as well, so this trick should work in a multitude of ways. Most times, when you lose during these rounds, it's because you overcorrected and made a mistake. Keeping more still should save you from this frustrating fate.

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to tackle your first (or hundredth) game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Best of luck!

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