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Looking to get your royal vampire mansion started, but unsure where to begin? Check out our beginner guide for some overview tips.

V Rising quickly ascended to the forefront of survival-crafting games, bringing some unique twists to the formula. If you enjoy MOBA-like gameplay (this is from the creators of Battlerite, after all) fused with some elements familiar to Valheim, you'll love this game.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Is V Rising PvP or PvE?

V Rising Castle

The short answer is: it's both. This depends on what kind of server you want to play on. If you aren't a fan of other players robbing you of your possessions and wrecking your stuff, do not play on a PvP server. On the plus side, they can only invade your castle at certain times, and they actually can't rob of your of all your possessions. You can form a clan of four vampires like this. If you don't have that many friends, you can try playing on a Duo PvP server.

For a more hardcore experience, opt for Full Loot PvP. In this case, when you die, you drop everything you own, so don't play this mode if you're not ready to put it all on the line. Otherwise, you can always play on a PvE server where other vampires can't interrupt your dastardly plans.

How to build your castle

Burning Braziers V Rising

Well, it won't be much of a castle at the start, as you'll begin with mostly wooden elements. But the most important aspect of your base is the Castle Heart, which you can't get until Level 10 and start the "Lord of Shadows" quest. The heart itself needs 240 stone and 30 Blood Essence.

You won't get a roof until you build enclosing walls (and the different floor types actually matter for crafting), so that pesky sun will continue to bother you unless you build some Mist Braziers. Those provide some much-needed respite from the sunbeams, provided that you keep them supplied with bones. They still aren't as good as a roof over your vampire head, but if you have some specific areas that aren't built out yet, or if you want to make some climatic walkways outside, the Mist Braziers do a great job.

How to gather materials quickly in V Rising

Watch out for the local wildlife

You need the right kind of tool to get materials fast (and you really need plenty of them in this game). You can carry them all on you and switch between easily on your task bar.

  • Axe: Best to collect wood from trees (you can also replant trees if you cut down too many)
  • Mace: Break stones, ore, and precious gems much faster than with any other weapon
  • Sword: Cut down vegetation and thickets with ease

V Rising Classes

V Rising Blood Types

So V Rising doesn't really have classes, but your vampire's abilities are boosted by specific types of blood. You need to find an appropriate enemy and suck out their blood to gain power. Their type is always listed under their life bar, along with a percentage. That number denotes the "strength" of their blood, which will give you increasingly stronger buffs.

  • Brute: Gain health regen and attack/damage buffs on your primary attack
  • Creature: Buff movement speed, regen, damage reduction, and some resistance to the sun
  • Rogue: Buff your critical strike chance and movement speed, shorter cooldown on the travel skill
  • Scholar: Stronger spells with added life leech and shorter cooldowns; chance to reset a cooldown
  • Warrior: Stronger physical abilities with shorter cooldowns and damage reduction
  • Worker: Break resources faster with greater yields, ride a horse faster

V Rising Tips

V Rising Good Tips for the Streets

Here's some additional advice to make your vampire life a little easier:

  • Tall objects in the game make for good temporary shade. Just be careful to not destroy shade that you really need while cutting down that tree or stone.
  • Items made from Silver will hurt you while you hold them in your inventory. This will prevent you from traveling in Wolf form.
  • You may find bubbles in some bodies of water, which are fishing spots. You can use fish for crafting, but you can also get some gear and even research materials from it. You need to defeat Rufus the Foreman to be able to make a fishing rod.
  • Keep your inventory and base tidy; you can sort items in your inventory to organize it, and you can use the "Compulsively Count" button to easily transfer matching materials to a chest. You can also name containers (click the pen icon next to the chest name).
  • Make multiple crafting stations to process items much faster. Also, make sure that you get the right floor for those rooms.
  • You can customize your character's appearance again after crafting a Mirror (unlocked during the tutorial).
  • Horses are very useful, but make sure to keep them hydrated with water (placed water-filled canteens in their inventories). You can also attack from your horse, but you risk getting dismounted if you get hit.
  • If you want to play on a PvP server but worry about losing your stuff, you can put away valuables in a Vampire Lockbox, which can't be looted by other players.

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