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Det bästa från TwitchCon 2022

The three day Twitch convention in San Diego brought top streamers and big performers all together. Let's review some of the best moments.

Here are some awesome moments from TwitchCon 2022:

Megan Thee Stalion twerking on Halo's Master Chief

Yes, you read that correctly! The headliner for the event was rapper Megan Thee Stalion. Her performance of "Freaky Nasty" brought out Master Chief himself onto the stage. This is an epic crossover we didn't know we needed.

Foodbeast's Kitchen League Battle Royale

Featuring 21 streamers, this event had them battling it out like it's Fortnite, but in the kitchen.

TwitchCon Cosplay Contest Winner

Go give @ginozacostuming a follow! She won in some absolutely mind-blowing World of Warcraft cosplay.

She has also done an amazing Legend of Zelda cosplay.

Apex Legends Mode Mash-up Event

20 trios fought in the arena in a variety of modes to be crowned the victor. Check out the VOD from the event above. We heard the lines were immense for this.

Dream & Friends Reunion Panel

One of the "biggest" events on the internet recently has been Dream's face reveal. Dream has been able to hang out at TwitchCon with a full panel of friends! Check out the vod above, this is a treat for Minecraft fans.

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