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Så är du romantisk mot Steph i Life is Strange: True Colors

Learn how to spin the tracks that will attract Steph as a romantic partner.

In Life is Strange: True Colors, you take on the role of Alex Chen, newcomer to the sleepy little town of Haven Springs. Alex must become acclimated to several uncomfortable changes when she arrives, but there's something to look forward to, too: romance. Steph Gingrich is Alex's brother Gabe's best friend, and she's a potential relationship partner. She's a local DJ and LARP fanatic, and she could also be Alex's girlfriend. If you're looking to romance Steph, here's how you can play your cards right to do so.

How to romance Steph

Source: Square Enix

There are two romance options in Life is Strange: True Colors that Alex may choose between. Alex can date either Steph or Ryan, and that's something you'll need to choose by way of different dialogue options. There are two important choices you'll have to make to cinch Steph as a romantic option. Those are the following:

  • Give Steph a rose
  • Kiss Steph on the rooftop during the Haven Spring Festival

Both of these decisions take place during Life is Strange: True Colors Chapter 4. You'll need to go to the rose cart while exploring the festival, then return to Steph in the van. Choose the "Rose" option, and Alex will present Steph with a gorgeous rose. She'll also invite Alex to meet her on the rooftop later.

Later on, during the festival, Steph will finally ask Alex up to the rooftop following Alex's stage performance and chat with Charlotte. Following that, on the rooftop, Steph will ask Alex to leave Haven with her. You can choose to hug Steph or kiss her. If you choose to kiss her, that will finalize your choice to enter a romance with her.

While these are the pivotal moments that you need to perform to ensure Steph is in a relationship with Alex, you can also take part in a few other fun moments with her throughout the game. These are optional, but they do add more depth to the pair's time together.

  • Chapter 1: Talk to Steph at the bar, then play her jukebox guessing game.
  • Chapter 2: Tell Steph that Alex is interested in girls while playing foosball.
  • Chapter 2: Visit Steph at the record store while exploring.
  • Chapter 3: Choose Steph as a distraction instead of Ryan.
  • Chapter 3: During the LARP at the record store, listen to her before answering. Then offer Alex's hand in marriage and take the time to listen to Steph's thoughts.
  • Chapter 4: Use Alex's powers to read Steph's emotions after giving her the rose.
  • Chapter 5: Choose to kiss or hug Steph during the festival.

Congratulations and enjoy your newfound romantic partner in Steph! She's just as awesome as you think she is.

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