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Hur du kommer igång med Game Builder Garage

Here are some simple tips to get you started with the handy-dandy Switch exclusive Game Builder Garage.

Ever looked at your favorite game and thought "Hey, I can do that!" or lamented your lack of game creation skills? Game Builder Garage is the perfect game to learn to get started down a bona fide game developer's path. This Switch-exclusive game creation tool is chock-full of programming tutorials and approachable how-to explanations for anyone who's ever wanted to see behind the scenes of making video games.

But even though Game Builder Garage is good for newbies on its own, it can still be difficult to figure out exactly how to get going. If you're hoping to create the same kind of complex and exciting projects others have already put out into the world, we've got some useful tips and tricks for you to put into practice so you'll be making unforgettable titles in no time.

Complete the lengthy tutorials before jumping in

It may be tempting to just skip all the tutorials and start tinkering with Game Builder Garage, but you're going to be completely lost if you do this. Trust us. While it might seem like a slog at times with so much to remember it makes your head spin, you're going to want to make sure you pay attention to the help the game has arranged to give you. It's all done in an entertaining way, so don't be afraid to have fun with the how-to segments.

Try creating with a mouse

Game Builder Garage surprisingly supports a tool you might already have lying around the house: a mouse! Yes, the very same way you interface with your PC could make programming your own games a much less frustrating experience than using the Switch's Joy-Cons or Pro Controller. You'll have to be playing the game in docked mode, but you can plug in a USB mouse and start arranging things as you please with a little point-and-click magic. Easy-peasy!

Use Nodons sparingly

Nodons are the most important part of your time learning how to make games in Game Builder Garage. They're available in Input, Middle, Output, and Object flavors, with 80 different nodes in the game as well as different functions. Each game you make can only be comprised of 512 of the adorable creatures, but you can use a Swap-Game Nodon to link multiple singular games together. Memorizing these rules is tantamount to making cool creations as you learn your way around. Remember what Nodon does what, how many you can use, and how each works will be key to making the best games you possibly can.

Keep a local copy of the games you want to save

When you make your first game in Game Builder Garage and upload it for all the world to see, it might seem like a good idea to delete it from your Switch since it'll be available to the public and easy to download. Don't do this unless you want to eventually lose your game! Uploaded titles will be taken down at some point, so make sure you keep the games you're really proud of. It can be a pain to get things perfect, so if you don't want to lose what you made, make sure you keep everything on your Switch near and dear.

Now that you're armed with knowledge, it's time to get out there and make your own games! You can do it -- we believe in you!

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