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Hades: What is Titan Blood and How Does it Work?

If you're new to the world of Hades, here's what you can do with that Titan Blood you amass while playing.

Supergiant Games' Hades is a role-playing game with roguelite elements that's massively popular as of late. If you find yourself jumping into the unique adventure for the first time, however, you might find yourself with questions. For example, what do you do with all that Titan Blood you end up collecting?

You spend it, of course, and flourish. If you're ready to spend all that Titan Blood, you've come to the right place. We've got all the answers you need right here.

Hades: What is Titan Blood?

Zagreus fills his father in on his latest adventure with ransacking, and it was super successful. Source: Supergiant Games

Titan Blood is a difficult resource to come by in Hades. It's massively important, however, and you spend it to upgrade the various weapons you earn throughout the game. When you earn Titan Blood, you'll keep it after your life comes to an end. It's integral to unlocking and upgrading weapon Aspects, so make sure you squeeze every drop out of the game that you possibly can. If you want to continue improving your time within Hades, this is extremely important.

Hades: How do you earn Titan Blood?

Zagreus faces off against one of the many enemies stationed throughout Hades.Source: Supergiant Games

There are several ways to earn Titan Blood. The best way to do so is by defeating each realm's boss battles. Once you finish off a boss, you get a Pact of Punishment in return. This will allow you to increase the Heat Gauge on the weapon you're using, which increases game difficulty.

If you continue setting the Heat Gauge at higher difficulties, you can choose from various Bounty rewards when you finish off a realm. Said rewards include Titan Blood. With that said, you'll want to finish off bosses to keep obtaining Titan Blood, which is a process you'll learn to familiarize yourself with.

You can earn Titan Blood through a litany of other ways, as well. You can complete 34 Titan Blood by completing each Prophecy, for example. You could also purchase it from Charon via his shop in the Styx, catch rare fish and trade with the House Chef, or trade with the Wretched Broker in the House of Hades to amass more Titan Blood.

Hades: How to Use Titan Blood

Claiming victory means you're in for a decent amount of Titan Blood.Source: Supergiant Games

If you have enough Titan Blood, you'll have to learn to use it sparingly. Obviously, there isn't a lot of it to go around. Make sure you upgrade the most appropriate weapon for you. There are six weapons in Hades, each with four Aspects. You can level them up to a max of Level 5, all with Titan Blood.

Make sure you choose the weapon that works best for you before expending Titan Blood on them. Go to the Courtyard and choose the one that you want to upgrade. Open the Aspects menu, then swap between Aspects you want to upgrade. You can upgrade each one individually. Unlocking each weapon's final Hidden Aspect means you'll have to spend 5 Titan Blood for each previous Aspect.

From there, be sure to seek out the correct person to complete your upgrade, such as Nys for Stygius to grab the Aspect of Arthur, Chaos for Aegis to unlock the Aspect of Beowulf, etc.

If you're not interested in upgrading your weapon up front, you'll be able to use your Titan Blood to collect additional resources and items.

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