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Free Epic Games Store Games - September 2020

Epic Games Store users get a rotating selection of free games in September, so check out what's available now.

Spooky season is almost among us. It's finally September, and it's time to settle into fall as the air becomes chilly and the leaves begin to turn.

That means there's a new set of free games now available via the Epic Games Store. Any member of the service can log in and claim these games for their own, so it's prudent to add them to your collection, even if you don't think you'll use them.

Not sure what's out there or if you should bother logging into the Epic Games Store? We've got a handy guide to what's available and when you can pick up each game. We'll make sure you're up to date on all the new games for Epic Games Store as well as the others set to come out each month. Be sure you keep checking back to see what's changed.

Free Epic Games Store Games - September 2020

A graphic showcasing three free games on the Epic Games Store: Into the Breach, RailSource: Epic Games Store

  • Into the Breach Available September 10 at 11:00
  • Railway Empire Available September 10 through 17
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Available September 10 through 17

Free on Epic Games Store this month: Into the Breach

Mechs engage enemies in Into the Breach across the challenging Sand Tile areas.Source: Epic Games Store

Into the Breach puts you in control of a series of mechs assigned to defeat an alien threat. It's up to you to save the world as you suit up and roll out across a vast amount of randomly-generated maps. If you love turn-based strategy games, you'll love this rogue-lite adventure from the developers who brought you FTL.

Free on Epic Games Store this month: Railway Empire

A train heads off, smoke billowing out of the top of the car, as it rides toward adventure.Source: Epic Games Store

Ever wanted to be in charge of your own railway network? Railway Empire lets you do just that, as you build up your vast collection of trains, build out tracks and purchase railway stations, and ensure your network is simply better than all the rest. If you've ever enjoyed tinkering with toy trains, this train-tactic adventure should be everything you've been looking for.

Free on Epic Games Store this month: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

A talking wolf asks you what your desires are in the quirky Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.Source: Epic Games Store

This narrative adventure finds players journeying through a Depression-era vision of the United States as they meet up with individuals with plenty of stories to tell. With hand-drawn artwork as well as a 3D overworld, it offers a fantastical adventure with 16 characters to chat with. You won't see near everything during your first playthrough, and you'll be begging to come back and see more when it's done.

That's all we've got this month, folks. Make sure you come back next month to see which freebies the Epic Games Store will have on rotation for October.

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