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10 Tips & Tricks to Leveling Faster in Torchlight III

Want to dive face-first into the frontier? This guide will give you 10 great tips to quickly making your way to level 60.

Tip #1: Deliver damage now, grab utility skills later.

You can always reorganize your skill trees after leveling up some by utilizing consumable Respectacle scrolls and the skill stations in your fort. It’s easier to acquire and farm Respectacles at higher levels than it is when you are first starting out on the frontier.

Legendarium skill option "Frenzi's Blade" in Torchlight III

Tip #2: Don’t forget to equip your Legendarium skills.

The first five starting skills are unlocked for free and can help boost your beginning builds with buffs that increase movement speed, potion heals, basic attacks, and more. Whenever you get a new legendary item, its powers are unlocked in the Legendarium, giving you more boosts to choose from.

Tip #3: Properly prepare your pets!

Properly prepare your pets! With a selection of twelve acquirable skills and four unlockable skill slots, your pets can really help you pack a punch. Giving them the best gear possible will increase your combat potential and longevity.

Tip #4: Lifebound, Lifebound, Lifebound!

Lifebound scrolls start to appear after your first few levels and can be used to enhance your weapons and armor by increasing their power by 20%. But beware, death will consume any gear adorned with this status effect.

Tip #5: Don’t forget your potions.

Especially those who dare to venture into harder difficulties or hardcore mode. On harder difficulties bosses in arenas can respawn to full health if you die, so leaving potions behind can be a very time-consuming mistake. In hardcore mode, it can lead to an untimely, permanent death.

Adventurer's Contract selector in Torchlight III next to a "Legendary Gear Bundle"

Tip #6: Need a new weapon? Grind some fame for contracts.

Contracts have opportunities for guaranteed Rare and Legendary gear and full of other rewards including gold, Respectacles, and Mapworks scrolls that can help you level quicker. Harder difficulty settings reward more fame, but you can easily grind mobs by staying near warp pads and teleporting to town when you need a break between farming.

Tip #7: Try your luck with the Gambler!

Gambling is a high-risk, high-reward way to grab new gear. Gold is account-wide and shared among all characters so you can create a new character or lower your current character’s difficulty settings in order to help you grind through easier areas for cash. Obs: your character badge will show the lowest difficulty you play. So if you lower it, it will permanently display the lower badge.

Tip #8: Once you beat the storyline you can start enchanting your gear.

Once you complete all three acts you will unlock the Enchanter’s Altar and can start using the recipes acquired along the way. Enchanting your gear will increase the speed in which you grind the higher, remaining levels of your character.

Different rarities of loot laying on the ground in Torchlight III

Tip #9: Rush Fazeer Dun’djinn to reach the level cap quickly.

The end-game Challenge Dungeons are the best way to reach level 60. Creating swappable gear sets via fort wardrobes will help you better organize and speed-up your randomized end-game runs.

Tip #10: Check-in with the community.

Playing with friends makes everything go quicker; the PlayTorchlight Discord server is a treasure trove of class builds, content, and player-created guides. Here are links to three of our favorite community content creators that can get you started with Torchlight III-related content: Struck TLF, Blue Unicorn Gaming, and Idodmg.

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